Notepad For Mac is an online source of code editor and notepad replacement which supports  several programming languages.  Notepad++ has the built in windows text editor. It supports tabbed editing which allows you to work with multiple open files in a single window. Notepad++ is  totally free in your web browser. In the recent days saving the links, to-do list, ideas and normal texts has been very easy with the notepad++. The function of Auto Save option allows to recapture all the data as a draft. This code editor online supports many o languages like C, C++, C#, HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT and many others.


Notepad++ is a open source and free, it was released by DON HO in 2003. It supports various programming languages and features syntax highlighting, syntax folding, PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) search/replace, auto-completion, multi-document editing, WYSIWYG printing, zoom in and zoom out, bookmarks, macro recording and playback and many more. Due to its extensive features it supports for 84 languages and free price. Notepad++ was voted as the most used text editor throughout the world. It has also won a various number of prestigious awards including the “Best Programming Text Editor for Windows” award from lifehacker in 2011 and 2014. It is our hard luck that notepad++  couldnot been download on mac.  Notepad++ relies extensively on win32 API, the 32 bit application programming interface for modern version of windows. Win32 API consist of many components includind things like file system, devices, processes, threads and error handling.


FEATURES Notepad For Mac

  • The most important features is syntax folding and highlighting syntax.
  • It conducts search or replaces by perl compatible regular expression which is known as PCRE.
  • Screenshot1, screenshot2, screenshot3 and screenshot4 are the syntax highlighting with the folding features.
  • The close button tab, the tab of the multi-line, minimalist, document list of the vertical tab is completly customizable by GUI.
  • Function parameters hint, function completion and word completion are automatically completed by the software.
  • It also include Document Map with it.
  • Tab interface of multi-document, multi-view, WYSIWYG for printing is also useful for the users.
  • The notepad++ supports the multi-language environment in it.
  • The zoom-in and zoom-out features help to use the software effectively.
  • The online notepad has the option for unsaved files, it can backup all the unsaved files automatically.


You can use free tool with no download which is the perfect choice for a chormebook. Notepad++ online on rollapp allows you to work with your docs via dropbox, google drive and other cloud storage.